Anger mounts over corruption in recession-hit Spain

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    And nobody is in jail, and there has been no demand for restitution. Taxpayers have bailed-out the banks and thieves in the financial industry and yet those banks demand that homes be foreclosed and people evicted, while the debt on those evicted remains.

    This system is not just nor sustainable. Even the most despicable, parasitic capitalist should realize that without the middle class, they cannot survive for long.

    Why is that bank account in Switzerland not frozen?

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    I came to Spain many years ago to start a small business venture. I learned within days that Spanish business practices were entirely different to those of the UK. You could only operate sensibly by paying the right people for all those papers needed to operate, there was no other way.

    The Spanish didn’t call it corruption, to them it was a way of life as it had always been, and still is. Only in recent years has the word ‘coruptos’ come into use, and now it means just about anyone connected with business, from royalty and politicians downwards, via the banks and developers right down to the plumber who doesn’t issue VAT receipts, from the very top down to the lowest level.

    They’ve started to sort it out, dozens of politicians and mayors are already in prison with many more waiting for the knock on the door. It will take years.

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    @garysfbcn wrote:

    Why is that bank account in Switzerland not frozen?

    Perhaps because by the time they found out about it the money had gone. Now in dormant companies offshore and Latin America 😡

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    Watching the Spanish news this morning I was starting to feel sad when all the channels went on and on about the latest corruption scandals, mainly about the Duke of Palma and also the treasurer of the Spanish Conservative party handing out thousands of brown envelopes filled with Euros, and still finding time to put 22 million into his own account in Geneva.

    Commentator after commentator expressed disgust and anger and it was depressing to watch until a presenter suddenly went into fits of laughter, startling all the indignant guests.

    He could hardly speak for laughing, but managed to say, ‘Come on, this is Spain. It has always been like this.’

    It raised a few knowing smiles.

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    like that Rocker 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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