Andalucia to start building again?

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      I read the headline, then the article and was left scratching my head.

      With an unemployed workforce of builders, you can understand Seville’s anxiety, but surely building car parks can’t be the answer? And who needs social housing with all those empty homes?

      At least they seem to have understood that building illegal houses for rich guiris is not the answer.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      hi Rocker.

      based on my experience, alot of properties that were built to cater to the tourists markets, don’t meet the criteria for VPO housing. Either in terms of locations, distribution, minimum m2, etc….

      personally I’m for the re-zoning schemes for underground parkings, etc… Population densities are too high compared to amounts of parking spaces, etc… And better for them to be underground that the towns simply expanding outwards and putting more land under cement/tarmac.

      And anything that involves stimulating the creations of businesses.

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      Despite of having so many unsold properties and mostly in undesirable locations. I feel that if the property is in the right location, well built, legal of course, keenly priced & built to the current or future requirements of population/lifestyle. They will be sold.

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      When I read the article, I thought back to my time in Andalucia (most of which I enjoyed very much), but in reality I was considering Andalucia to be the Malaga province, which, of course, it isn’t.

      In my happy years down that way, more than 20 years ago now, I had to travel to Sevilla (headquarters) on a monthly basis. I hated the journey, the coastal one was boring and most of the time I drove up past Ronda through the mountains, much more pleasant but it seemed to take for ever, at least four hours and I was a fast driver then.

      I never got to know Cadiz, a windy place, or Granada and it’s history, Almeria was a desert covered in plastic, and even the high plains of Antequera, an easy destination, was just an odd weekend away because I was busy along the coast of the CDS.

      The building I witnessed at that time wasn’t too bad, they were just starting to concrete the coast at Benalmadena, Jesus Gil was still in prison in Madrid, and the Euro trash was confined to Marbella.

      My limited knowledge of the builders was that they were all Spanish, when I moved up to the Costa Blanca, they all seemed to be from Eastern Europe, but they’ve all gone home now, because the building has stopped.

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