Amnesty on ‘viviendas ilegales’ for Galicia

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      Exciting news comes from far-away Galicia, another autonomy hit with the blight of ‘viviendas ilegales’ (where, of course, they all belong to Spaniards rather than ‘Europeans’ as in Andalucía and Valencia).
      There, the PP-run government is studying a general amnesty for illegal homes built before 2003. Surprisingly, the socialist party is in agreement. El País quotes sources as saying that this could benefit tens of thosands of homes in that autonomy.
      ‘The year 2010 should be the year of stability, judicial security and the year of far-reaching political and social agreements on urban matters’, says the spokesperson for the PSdeG, the Galician PSOE, who also expressed concerns about another urban problem in Spain, ‘la ley de costas’.

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