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    As the market for property in CDS is very tough at the moment I had considered making an sales effort independently of REA.

    I thought about advertising in La Sur, UK National Papers, golf magazines and in UK golf clubs. This is relativley inexpensive and initially seems to generate some interest.

    This idea however is flawed as I’m a UK resident and need somebody to take potential customers to the property.
    I spoke to REA’s and asked if they would do this, and if the property sold reduce their commision as I had brought the customer to them. Unfortunatly they were willing to show the property but not willing to compromise on commission.

    Anybody know of a way I can organise this without paying 5% commision to the person who shows the property. I’m happy to pay but 5% seems steep if I generate the interest.

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    Is there someone living on the development who could do this for a small fee? Need to be sure you can trust them though.

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    Hi Derek

    I have a possible solution for you – I will PM detials. Basically I have a friend who lives down there and will probably do it for an hourly rate to show someone round. I will ask her and PM you back if she says yes


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    Thanks AGAIN for your help, much obliged.


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    Hi, I have PM’d you details of how I could help. If Vince’s solution has already solved your problem then I take this opportunity to wish you all the best and a speedy sale. If you are still looking for help, though, I hope that I may be of use.

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    If you are going to trust someone with keys etc. be vey wary of people who approach you on the internet. there is a very intransient population here, its full of hustlers who are after your money. You could hand over your keys to someone and later find the place stripped. Not saying that the people on here are like that but just be wary of just e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers. If you ask anyone to act for you check them out a couple of postings on this site doesn’t make them kosher. If anyone offers their services for free, watch out ❗

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    Hello again,
    Just wanted to respond to katy’s comments.
    Firstly have to say that Katy is quite right, you should NEVER just trust someone from the internet, there are far too many scammers out there and it’s a dodgy prospect, so what was said was good advice.
    As far as my offer of help goes there are a few things that should be pointed out:
    1) I think DGR already has help from Vince so looks like I wouldn’t be needed anyway – it was just in case he was still looking.
    2) I didn’t offer a free service, I proposed charging a small amount (circa 1%) IF the property sold – this is much more similar to UK commission levels and I agreed with DGR that the spanish commissions of 5% and above really are ridiculous, more so if the vendor provides the client!
    3) I offered DGR in a PM contact details including a home telephone number – I generally only offer a mobile and offer to call people back because I’m not at home that much so it’s harder to get hold of me on the landline.
    4) Finally, I wouldn’t really expect someone to hand over their keys to me without us having at least spoken on the telephone and met if possible. If meeting were to prove impossible I would be providing that person with details of real people who could vouch for me. I have family on the CDS involved in teaching, friends who work in the airport, all in jobs they have held for over 15 years; and friends and family in the UK, all of whom would be happy to offer their contact details to someone like DGR to allow him to “check me out”

    Finally, may I just say again that I DO agree with katy, nowadays we get nowhere in this crazy world if we don’t do our “due diligence” and check everyone out 100% and thoroughly – there are loads of unscrupulous people, particularly on the CDS, and those who blindly trust will get badly burned – sad, but true 😥

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