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      I am interested in any alternative build methods that are used in Spain, and any comments about the relative benefits of the various systems.

      Of course, most stuff is build is still built with a concrete framework, and brick infill. This seems good and strong, fast and (I guess cheap), but the insulation qualities of a lot of these homes seems really poor.

      I have seen that there is an Earthship being built near Valencia, this is a radically different approach that uses old car tyres rammed full of earth. I would think these are well insulated. I do wonder how the ayuntamientos view such unconventional builds though.

      Another method I has seen, is interlocking polystyrene blocks, that are then filled with concrete. It’s supposed to be fast & easy to use, and well insulated.

      The last type that have caught my eye, are imported wooden kit homes (from Canada, I think). These look nice, and are claimed to be much better insulated. I do wonder how wooden houses will cope with the heat & bugs here.

      Anyway, if you have any experiences of these, or others please share them. Oh, and if you have no experience with them, feel free to comment. 🙂

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      A good source of information on alternative building techniques, if you don’t already know about it, is the magazine Ecohabitar
      On my own reform project I’ve used an “alternative” roofing method, Ondutherm by the company Onduline. All lightweight materials, excellent insulation properties, incredibly easy (and quick) to build, final price 60€ per sq m (inc roof tiles). I shall certainly use this again and would recommend it to others.

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