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      Hi to all

      This is my first posting to SPI – so here goes !

      We are considering purchase of a town house from Allied Development, does anyone have any knowledge of this developer ?

      Any information appreciated

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      Welcome Tricia,

      I’ve never heard of them, which in itself doesn’t mean much as there are thousands of developers in Spain. It can even be a good thing as I’ve usually heard something about the biggest offenders.

      Where is the development, and what is it called?


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      The building work is not commencing until February 06 in Iznajar.
      The company web site is and they are currently working with Chirivo Construcciones on a development La Jacaranda on villas costing up to 650,000 Eu

      Any help greatly appreciated

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      Hi Tricia,

      The company you mentioned (adespana) is involved with a few developments here on the CDS. As you mentioned, La Jacaranda is one of them.

      La Jacaranda is one of 3 developments which has recently come to the attention of authorities, because of their connection to yet another money laundering case.

      A friend of mine purchased several units in the Hollywood Hills development, also connected to the same company and the same scandal. The last I had heard, all work had come to a stop on these projects until it can be sorted.

      Now I do not know to what extent they are involved. It very well may be they are totally innocent of anything illegal or unethical – but here is a link to an article in local newspaper some weeks ago.

      good luck

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      Hello Tricia,

      Excuse my english

      There are thousands of developers working in Andalucía at the moment, it is good to know who they are but please follow the next basic steps ( and you can find a great guide to buy off plan properties here in SPI ) :

      1. Get an independent lawyer in that area ( South of Córdoba/Antequera/Granada) straight away. If you need help I can recommend some lawyers there.

      2. NEVER pay or sign documents without your lawyer knowing.

      3. If you cant avoid an agency , then deal about their commission and don’t beleive a word of what they say , what they want is to sell the property whatever, what you want is the contrary ( buy it without problems).

      4. You want to see the building license in front of your eyes.

      5. The land CANNOT be rural land (No Urbanizable) , that building license then would not be completely legal.

      6. You must HAVE the bank guarantee with a spanish bank or insurance company when you sign the contract, if they give the excuse that it wont be on time bla bla then there must be a clause in the contract giving the developer 15 days to get it and give it to you , if that doesn’t happeen then the money must inmediatly returnable. The bank guarantee must be clear: if the development doesn’t start on time or finish on time you must get your money after a notification from you ( don’t accept something more complecated than that).

      7.Don’t accept general bank guarantes covering the whole complex, you want one for you, to cover your instalments.

      8. You have the right to have a copy of the project plans (including the house plans).

      9. The contract must say clearly in which bank account all the instalments will be put in, that account can only be used for building porposes.

      10. Get a list of specifications ( Qualities and materials ) attached to the contract.

      11. Don’t accept abusive clauses ( mortgage fees, bank guarantee fees, etc).

      12. as we say in Spain :”Start from the beggining”, go and see the place, Think of disadvantages ( for instance, you will not enjoy there between June and September due to the high tempetures, that area of Andalucía is far from big airports and main roads).

      Good luck and enjoy Spain.

      Jose Maria Sánchez Alfonso
      Abogado / Lawyer
      Costa del Sol / Málaga

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      Jose Maria

      Thank you very much for your advice.

      We have taken a first step and visted the plot over the weekend. We flew into Granada airport and it only took about 45 mins to get to the village.

      My daughter attended Seville Uni for a year as part of her Spanish degree and so I am aware of the heat during July and August.

      I have e mailed the Town Hall today in Iznajar to ask them to confirm that
      a building licence has been granted to the developer.

      Allied Development have told me that they have a building licence

      There are only 41 properties to be built on the plot and about 20 of them are already sold. The developer wants an initial 3000 euros to reserve the house.

      If the Town Hall confirms that they have a building licence, would I need to contact a lawyer prior to paying the reservation fee ?

      At this stage I have not instructed a lawyer until I know that they have the licence to build, should I check anything else out or leave that to the lawyer.

      I must say that reading this forum about certain lawyers is rather disturbing ! Do I have to check the qualifications of the lawyer I instruct or does he have to advise me that he is fully qualified.

      Many thanks


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      Hello Tricia *waves*

      You should really have a lawyer check for a valid building licence before handing over any money. If the lawyer comes recommended by Jose Maria, then you can rest assured he will act in your interests.

      How did the plot look? Is it bang on the lakeside, and what was the access like? Are there any shops or cafes close by?

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      Hi Bert

      The plot is right on the Lake on a steep bank, although it is not really possible to access at this point.

      There are a couple of bars within a few minutes stroll, although the area would not suit alot of people as it is so peaceful and quiet, somewhere hopefully to chill.

      I will await the email from the Town Hall tomorrow confirming a Building Licence hasa been granted.

      My initial e mail to them was in English, they sent a reply in Spanish asking me to translate my English into Spanish !

      I always knew my daughters expensive education would come in handy one day !


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      Thanks Bert Preast for your comments, I always tray hard for the clients buying in Andalucía !

      Tricia: Just leave thigs right from the beggining to a lawyer, don’t try to check spanish legal documents, you will not understand a word and can get confused. I know it isn’t cheap to use a lawyer but believe me it is worth paying it, at least you get peace of mind.

      Buying a property in inland Andalucía is an experience even for an andalucian lawyer ! , it is another world and culture . I have said in this forum before that as soon as you go away from main towns or coastal towns it is another world….. within Andalucía the contrasts are incredible.

      Regarding the qualifications of a lawyer…umm difficult question for a lawyer. If you get a profesional from SPI or recommended from one of us , then you will be talking with a lawyer for sure. I know personally very good lawyers ( not just lawyers ! ) located in Granada and Sevilla.

      Saludos, buena suerta y disfruta de España

      Jose Maria Sanchez Alfonso
      Abogado / Lawyer
      Costa del Sol, Málaga

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      hi can i ask how muck you are buying your home for how many 🙄 square metres is it just curious thanks

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