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    This picture is all too typical of new development on the Spanish coast:

    It was used at to illustrate an article about developers pinning their hopes on foreign holiday-home buyers.

    Look at the picture. Not a flower, bush, tree or blade of grass anywhere to be seen. Just concrete.

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    Where is that Mark? Almeria?

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    Not sure. Might be Almeria, but could also be somewhere on the Costa Blanca

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    It is very typical, concrete urbanisations everywhere along the coast in Spain’s lower Costas along with once beautiful hillsides, hilltops, etc sliced off for more of this rubbish build. They even remove the natural flora to make way for concrete 👿

    I remember the heady days when all the rogue agents were frantically phoning potential clients/mugs up telling them to get in quick as ‘all our Directors and Managers were reserving plots’ but and there’s always a ‘but’ ‘we can still find you the best plot as that’s not gone yet’, Crooks! 😈

    Found a very interesting reference on the other day purely by chance!!!!! A real surprise!! 🙄

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    Looks as if they are building out into the sea! Have to say I have seen a lot worse than that pic 😀

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    Yeah looks like they are building out in the sea. Seen far worse.

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