Alcazaba Hills

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      Anyone heard of this development? I passed it yesterday and it has only recently started. Suprised to see the cheapest is 330,000E. It is in a dreadful location, miles from the sea and directly overlooking the Toll Road đŸ˜¯

      Sorry to offend anyone reading this if you have bought there but you must be crazy!

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      I love the other Leria developments at Alcazaba Beach and La Alcazaba.

      When I head about this development, I was so taken in that I put a deposit down in 2006. I then visited the location and immediately pulled out when I saw it. Leria refused to give my £4000 back but I still consider it a lucky escape. I learnt a lot from this experience.

      I agree , it is expensive and in an awful location. Miles from anywhere.

      I spoke to Fransisco Leria at the sales office, who is part of the faimily. He was very concerned about the location and said it was too far out but they might buy Estepona Golf as an added incentive. This was 2 years ago and I don’t think it happened.

      They sold 25 units off plan in the fist six weeks, they have sold nothing in the last 18 months so far as I can tell.

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      Hi Katy

      I met with the guys, at the OPP event in London last December and visited the plot a few weeks later. They have some tie in with Estepona Golf. When I was there in December they told me they had done the re-fit of the club house.

      As with a lot of developers (not just Spanish), their attitude was, they could wait for the price they wanted. I only recently heard that they had stopped work on the site due to a lack of new sales. This is hearsay, I do not know for sure.

      With regards the location, well it is in the eye of the beholder. I just felt that the pricing didnt justify the views or facilities back in December.


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