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      Quite an interesting graphic. Barcelona and Madrid don’t do too badly. They do better than London airports (run by a Spanish company 😆 )

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      Surely it’s more down to the Airlines using it/weather conditions etc. I see Zurich is at the bottom of the list. I lived in Switzerland for 2 years and everthing runs on time, to the second. Heathrow does badly because the owners won’t get their act together when it snows.

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      I’m sure that weather plays into this. However, there are some things that the Spanish do quite well and airport design and function are among them.

      And if any of you fly into/out of San Francisco International airport, expect the best food, a nice layout and extreme delays, mostly due to fog.

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      No Las Palmas ! Thats a good one with nice safe entry from the sea. Barcelona a bit of a steep descent . Alicante good like LPA come in from the sea.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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