AIFOS- more arrests


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    DiarioSur…The President, General director and the financial director of AIFOS were arrested yesterday. The President was refused bail. He is accused of handing over 4 million euros bribe to Roca (Marbella)

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    Their two flagship hotels, Guadalpin Marbella and Banus under investigation for operating illegally.

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    From the start it was known that this hotel was built and was operating without the correct license/planning.
    What I find difficult to understand is how nothing is ever done about the blatant disregard for planning/laws and only when someone gets caught that it is then and only then the ball starts to roll.
    It is probably that someone in the chain did not get their “cut” and so it appears to be the case “if you don’t pay me I will tell on you”

    All is well until someone upsets the applecart , it dose not matter that it is we the buyer gets the brunt of it all. 👿

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    According to

    The committee running Marbella until the next elections are to cancel the licence for the Guadalpin Marbella hotel and to take disciplinary action over sister hotel, Guadalpin Banus.

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