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    does anybody know which solicitor is dealing with lomas de golf we have been trying to contact them or anyone in the same boat we put a deposit on the property about 7 years ago aprox and have been coming up against a brick wall weve phoned aifos but they keep palming us off and not rining us backwhen they say they will We know that phase 1&2 have been completed but phase 3 will never be completed as the mayor said that there wasnt enough commercial centres on the complex so there would have to be one where phase 3 was intended if anyone has any information on this please could you let us know
    thanks trev and chris

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    The only info I can find is this and old news saying that this is one of the developments caught up in the Malaya case.
    If you don’t aleady have one, I would strongly suggest you appoint your own independant lawyer with a view to invoking your bank guarantee for a refund of your deposit. You’ve already been over-patient! Best of luck.

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    From me own experience with them(Aifos) trying to get a return phone call is like trying to get blood out of a stone…not to mind trying to get them to give you your money back.
    You will have to go to seek legal advise straight away…
    We were lucky because when we had problems with them a couple of years ago we had to take court action against them.
    Go and seek advise straight away, Get a good solicitor who knows what he is up against .
    Good Luck!!

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    just like to sy thankyo to those who replied chris and trev

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