AIFOS couple aquitted

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      Anyone who has been on this forum a while will remember some of our members lost money with AIFOS development. Thousands of mainly British but many Spanish too lost their money with the Husband and wife run Ponzi like building fraud. Like most dodgy Developers they were robbing Peter to pay Paul until there was no-one left to rob.

      Incredibly this crooked couple have been let off! Demonstrates that Spain will never tidy up it’s corrupt and unfair property market. The vultures are there, ready to pounce and cheat again.

      This is an old case but they were in court again this week and aquitted again!
      Ooops forgot spanish link where it is stated they kept a million euros of clients money

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      It beggars belief that what appear to be clear cut fraud to the majority is seen as no fraud in a Court, which makes me think that more fraud may have been committed by way of backhanders to the Judge and Jury 🙄

      Wealthy crooks the World over appear to be able to evade fraud charges, tax evasion, robbery etc by paying top lawyers and accountants, and secret payments/favours to certain officials who are then forever in the crooks’ debt 🙄 😡

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