Aifos bankruptcy

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    Aifos developer faces the obligatory insolvency proceeding claimed by one of their creditors; their provider “Gestión de Obras y Reformas S.L.” asked for it to the Company Court in Málaga last week.

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    what will happen to the unfortunate people whom they owe money to? if they are forced to sell all their assets such as their luxury hotel will the people who have claims against them be able to claim from this? I do hope people can get some money back!

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    I’m confused 😕 After receiving a few emails from people who have court cases coming up against Aifos, and while waiting have paid several thousands of Euros for an Embargo, they have now learnt that if Aifos goes into Administration before their individual cases are heard, these Embargoes are of no use. They’re confused too.

    They thought an Embargo would offer them some protection if Aifos went under in the meantime. If it doesn’t, what purpose/value does their Embargo hold for them today

    Can anyone shed some light please ❓ Maybe it has something to do with the fact that their contracts were cancelled when initiating court action ❓

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