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    We are having problems with Spanish Estate Agents in Asturias, we want to buy a property, the seller wants to sell this property (obviously) does anyone have advice on how to skip the agents & how to get the sellers details? Can anyone recommend an good lawyer based in Gijon?

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    I assume the seller is not actually living in the property all the time? Are there neighbours you could call on, maybe put a note through the door or get a phone number from a neighbour?

    I would think the seller would have to dis-instruct the agent before selling privately.

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    Thanks Paul, the house is derelict & has been for a time, we have met the owner once and he does not live local to the property. We would like to know if there is a Land Registry system like that in the UK, where we could find his details. We have the added problem that we only have short periods of time that we can pop over from the UK.
    Thanks again

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    There is a Land Registry system and you can request either a “Nota Simple”, which is the basic extract, or a “Certificacion” which gives the history of the property and also details of any “charges” on the property. If you are considering buying the property I would recommend you get the latter. You would normally need the Land Registry reference details for the property, which you probably don’t have, or, if it is a reasonably co-operative office, they should be able to get the details by searching using the owner’s personal details.

    Another way is to go to the local council’s tax office and they should also be able to give you contact details since the owner should be paying local taxes.

    Good Luck

    Terry English

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    I would like to think that you do have some genuine grievance with the mentioned agent. Otherwise your request is fuelled by disshonesty and underhandedness. Would you have found that property without the agents assistance?
    All of those people that scream about bad service or advice from agents when the majority of them are decent hard working people. There are probably far more questionable clients than those trying to earn a living in the business.
    And yes I accept that comment is not at all what people would expect to read!

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    Have you escaped from that other biased website Guest, and are you the agent (maybe Betterthingstodo, Pytti Pannu etc) who keeps posting there while others are deleted?

    To suggest that the clients are more questionable than the agents is an absolute cheek, most agents are purely ‘commission led’.

    Have you been reading about all the problems innocent, maybe naive people have in trusting so-called ‘honest’ agents, or are you on another planet? The main problems with property on the Costas is with Agents misleading clients with sales pitch, pushing off-plan mainly, recommending ‘dodgy’ lawyers, selling property with no building licences, not pointing out any of the pitfalls and high costs involved, extortionate Bank Charges, constantly changing staff etc etc and all this in an over-priced market that is now declining.

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    Well said Paul. 😆

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    Personally the only agents, solicitors I trust…and I think will act honourably…..are those who have been recommended by a close friend..who has used them themselves.
    However I am sure that there are more good than bad.

    When property hunting in Spain Brits assume too much…… and for some reason trust tooooo much any person who speaks good English.

    No one in England relocates or buys property without having everything checked,especially if it’s to make a fast turnover …so what happens to these same folk in Spain?

    Sunglasses methinks seems to blind out more than the sun.

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