Agents must clean up!

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      Following an expose on BBC1’s Whistleblower with a new OFT Code of practice, at a time when the international property industry is looking for new ways to access the UK high street. (are you listening Your Move, Mann and co etc with who you link up with?)

      Pauline Gallagher, CEO of FOPDAC says ‘it is crucial UK companies use the services of credible overseas agents when moving into international property’

      The Association of International Property Professionals CEO Paul Owen says’ there are godd people in the market and some BAD people. AIPP was founded to set professional standards and FREEZE out bad companies’

      All I say is ‘bring it on’ and Now’s your chance YOUR MOVE to drop Awful Estates.

      For problems with overseas agents like Awful, contact Pauline Gallagher at

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      I have just emailed Pauline Gallagher at FOPDAC about my parents’ experiences at the hands of O**** E***** and their link-up with Your Move which, I hope is ending as we speak.

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