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    I am interested in renting a property where the owner has made it clear that she may need to live in it herself in a few years’ time. I understand that usually a rental contract is for five years. Can we be ‘evicted’ if the owner would like to live in it before that time is up?


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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    if you take a property for 12 months, you have the right after the contract is up to stay in the property a further 4 years (for a total of 5) by law. As long as you are paying your bills you cannot be removed. As most landlords understandably do not want a 1 year rental to turn into a 5 year rental without their permission, some right clauses into the contract stating that the property will become their main residence in X time.

    If you do want to rent it for 5 years, tell her that is what you want to do.

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    Thank you Fuengi! So by this I understand that there is no standard clause, as is the case in a couple of countries at least, that the owner has the right to ask you to leave at any time if he needs to live in the property himself.

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    I have an apartment just outside Vera 2 bedroom 2 bathroom fully fitted kitchen ground floor,private complex 2 pools,does anybody know of good rental company i could use,have been using one from Mojaca,with little bookings,looking for long or short term,just looking to help cover bills

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