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      i would like some advice about legal rights for tennants
      we have taken a house in polop on the costa blanca for an initial 6 months lease the property was advertised as having air conditioning 3 bedrooms and a large underbuild sounded perfect so we took it
      upon arrival we discovered the property had no AC and the basement smelt musty but agent said that was due to it being closed and to allow it to air for a few days the agent then said that there was no AC and his wife had made a mistake on the website 2 months later property is still advertised with AC after 3 weeks of enjoying the sun our children asked if they could play in our basement where their toys were kept we agreed only to find that all the toys and clothes were covered in mould we explained this to the agent and have waited 3 weeks and nothing has been done so the advice i am after is how do you get out of a contract and can we reclaim compensation for the loss of the basement and 1 bedroom as this is now full of our possesions that we were keeping in the basement any advice would be greatly recieved as we feel we have taken a property under false pretences and now lost over a third of the property
      thanks alot

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      Stop paying the rent immediately as that will at least initiate a response. If you have a reasonable landlord then you should be compensated for your loss, if not you will not get anything back including your damages deposit and the easist thing to do is to move on

      If you wish, tell them you are making a complaint – again this will get a good response as its likely the proeprty is being rented to your for sach, the income not declared, and the agent is in breach for not advertising it correctly. In the old days it didnt matter, but now its a big sensitive issue.

      You will wait for ages of end up having to lake legal action for compensation – stayinguntil the end of the contract without paying rent is probably the only suitable option

      Be firm and stand your ground, you have all the rights.

      Good luck

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