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    I am currently purchasing a property in inland Almeria and am seeking advice on two issues

    The property is located in an hamlet and like 4 other new properties is located next to an untarmaced track the other side of which is agricultural land. The property has an integral garage and one side of the garage adjoins a low wall in forming the exterior boundary of my plot. Running off the track at 90 degrees is another track which provides access to the back of my property and provides access to a further 5 properties on either side of it. Again the back of my garage adjoins a low wall in forming the exterior boundary of my plot.

    Two issues have now sprung to mind. Firstly could the track be classed as a public highway and if it is should my garage wall be so many metres from the track ? Secondly could the Town Hall insist on the track being tarmaced and street lighting be installed and if so who would pick up the bill for this ? I have just e-mailed my abogada with these queries but am never sure whether the abogada is the right person to contact

    I should add that my abogada has already confirmed to me that the building licence was granted by the townhall last year and that the first occupation licence has been granted.

    Any advice would be most welcome

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    rt 21
    Think the two that may be able to help on this forum is Drakan and Inez

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence but I think this is beyond me as it will go into the realms of rustic land law

    Drakan will be the best bet by far

    Good luck

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    Or Cesar as he specialises in construction or building laws I think!

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    I wouldn’t lose my sleep over it. If the Town Hall decides to urbanise the area, yes you will be requested to pay your share or a part of the expenses of urbanising as these improvements (tarmac, sewage, street lighting etc) benefit your property (raises its value) whether you want them or not.

    I have no idea if the road you mention is public or private. In any case if it’s just a hamlet we are talking about it could happen in many years time when the whole area is more densely consolidated.

    If you’ve complied with the BL, and you must’ve had as you have a LFO issued, then I wouldn’t worry either of the garage wall.

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    May I thank Drakan and everyone else for their contributions. It is greatly appreciated

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