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    Can some one please conform the following:

    1) Does Administrator of a block of appartment has to be a member of the colegio of administradores for him/her to be appointed as a administrator ?

    2) If not, does he/she has to have some other qualifications ?

    3) What guidelines of competency he/she must display in his/her duties ?

    4)If he/she is not a member and is imcompetant/negligent in his/her duites. what action can be taken against him/her ?

    Finally, as it seams all regions of Spain have their own colegio, do they talk to each other and would they have the same policies/standards ?

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    Shakeel – check out the website that Dorothy posted on my thread ” legality of community of owners”.

    I suspect you will find the answer there. My understanding is that an Administrator does not have to have formal qualifications – but I think that Dorothy’s article will be specific about this.

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