Adding \"No overnight guests\" to contract in Barcelona

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      I plan to rent a room in Barcelona and see that some landlords/ladies mention about “no overnight guests” in their descriptions. I found this very humiliating, people will be visited by their friends or families and if other tenants are okay with it and if there is no damage/ noise etc., no one can forbid that.

      I wonder if the landlords/ladies have right to forbid tenants to have short term overnight visitors; even if they added it to the contract? I heard some owners do occasional visits to the property (which I assume is not legal) to check their tenants “behaviors”. There hope there is a legislation to protect privacy of tenants.

      Thank you so much.

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      I am not a lawyer but there are different rules for different types of rentals. Is it a short term rental or long term rental? Is it a room or an apartment? I don’t understand why it would be humiliating. If you stay in a hotel you pay extra if you bring a 3rd person to a double room. Why not rent from someone who doesn’t have such limitations?

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