Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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    Last weekend I was at the Execel overseas property show. So you would have a big yawn and say, well there is one every week. However the Excel one falls in Division1 of the property shows.

    In the past as soon you entered the first and a very large stall was of MRI. This year they were not there.

    Depression set in immediatly and through out my stay I really missed their presence.m as couldn’t find any body I could be rude to. Such a let down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Was ADH or OE not there either?

    Maybe a sign of the times ahead. 🙂

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    OE, was there. Your point of “sign of times ” did enter my mind, but as you are aware that the aents in question have moved on to new pastures and would have thought that market presence should be there. specially in such a high profile property show.


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