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    Hi, I am a new user. This post is a little bit off-topic but it is all part of our plan to move to Spain and buy a property so I hope you won’t mind.

    We are UK residents, planning to move to Spain. At present we are touring the Med on our (quite valuable) yacht and we will buy a property when the market looks good, meanwhile we live on the boat.

    It would be convenient for us to become residents right away so we can stay in Spain for more than 183 days per annum without becoming de facto residents. We must not get into the situation that the authorities demand we pay yacht import tax (we are VAT paid, though) or that the yacht needs to be re-registered as a Spanish yacht. That would cost tens of thousands and devalue the yacht.

    I have been told and read that when applying for residencia it can be agreed as of right with the authorities to import one’s yacht tax-free and continue to fly one’s original flag (British) despite the usual ruling that Spanish residents must register their yachts as Spanish if kept in Spanish waters. Incidentally, regarding tax, I am not talking about the wealth or asset tax or VAT, I am talking about a special tax which, I believe, is applied to vehicles including boats and cars.

    Can anyone tell me the truth of this and point me to the laws or regulations themselves so that I can be sure that we have true legal fact rather than opinion and general belief.

    Many thanks.

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