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    My wife and I have just purchased a mature (20 years old) resale property on the Costa del Sol at Riviera, using the legal services of Jose Maria Sanchez who sometimes writes in these pages as “Independent” and is on this website’s list of independent lawyers.

    We would like to say how pleased we were with the service offered by JMS (and we have no connection with him other than as satisfied clients), who was helpful in suggesting a Spanish bank and in other ways over and above the bare necessities of conveyancing.

    Everything went smoothly from private contract through to completion, with early pressure for rapid completion resisted on the advice of our lawyer.

    Can we reiterate for all buyers, whether resale or off plan, don’t enter into any irrevocable commitment without the advice of an independent Spanish Lawyer, bi-lingual in Spanish and your language

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    That’s excellent news John that your purchase went well with the help of Jose Maria Sanchez. May you spend many happy years there!

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    I think resales are always a better buy, they were built better 10yrs or more ago. They had to try harder to sell them. may have to do a little updating but you will get someting better. the quality of the fittings they are installing in new build are el cheapo. Hope you are happy in your “new” place.

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    My cheerful congrats to you and Jose María!

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