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      Any chance you could introduce a sin-bin type of ban (could be 2 weeks, could be 4 weeks)?

      At the moment threads tend to degenerate into slanging matches when posters start insulting each other. Ok, so you could argue that responding to insults further harms the site, but wouldn’t it be easier (and more effective) to temporarily ban someone, the first time they insult another poster in a thread?

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      Thanks for the suggestion.

      All forums have this problem. Actually, this forum is rather civilised compared to others, so everyone keep their hat on if there is a bit of moshing.

      Of course, if someone becomes a rude loudmouth they will get booted out. But I won’t boot out people just for consistently expressing a different opinion.

      It always amazes me how easily people take offence at comments made in an anonymous forum like this. If someone insults you in this forum, then (1) you have immediately won the argument so be happy and (2) you shouldn’t care in the slightest. You should mind what people who are important to your life think or say about you, but not the rest.

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