A new property scam or an old one.

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      Report in today´s Sunday Express,


      I read a similar story months ago not sure how much of this article is news or history, but thought it best to post it.

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      This link was also posted under ‘Black-Spots’ earlier today – Estepona Beach & Country Club. Last week’s article is there too. For some reason the Forums page is not up-dating the threads.

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      What a nasty load of scumbags these people are. I met some of them socially, always swanning around as if they were loaded. As for the “football stars” are we supposed to feel sorry for them…they were willing to put their names to something they knew nothing about, they were out to make a fast buck. Their losses do not compare to the ordinary purchasers, all they did is allow their names to be used.

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      Re. sports stars associating their name with developments – exactly Katy. I am always surprised that some people are impressed by this, surely they must realise their endorsement is reward-based.

      As for Sean Woodhall (and his debt-ridden buddies), I still don’t believe they perished in the plane crash.
      As Suzanne’s link on the other thread says, he is “a man former associates nicknamed “Slippery Sean” for his reputation for escaping debts.”

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