A new Frontier

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    new Frontier

    After many years of breaking my back on building contracts all over the UK and with the lads flown the nest. My wife and I have finally decided to put some plans together
    And after talking to some friends are looking at buying a property on the East coast of Spain .A town house that is structural sound but needs total refurbishment Budget is around £35.000 for the property and the re-furb over the next twelve to eighteen months

    The one Question is I am I kidding myself

    Thank’s Steve 😕

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    Are you talking a house you already have seen or just searching something?

    If you have the house, Where exactly is it and how many square meters in how many floors are we talking about?, Is it a relative-new house or are talking about a more than say 40 years old building?, Does it need roof repairs?, electricity? water and sewerage? Do you know if it has some kind of planning protection?


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    Thank you for your reply

    At the moment we are looking I’m trying to gather as much information as I can
    On locations through the forum asking for any help in the process


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