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      On the plus side of our trip last week to the CDS:

      We saw no Union Jack shorts at all. (Less Brits but more Russian and other tourists)
      Everywhere seemed less busy but nicer as a result.
      An accepted resignation by many we met or knew down there that this is how things are and get on with it so to to speak.
      Less private for sale and for rent signs.
      Less Developer/Agent Bill Boards which improves things.
      Plenty of deals for those brave enough, agents saying offer another 10-15% off already reduced prices on some properties.
      Good roads around Malaga and lots of fairly empty roads.
      Plenty of good value, good food and wine, amazingly low priced lunches etc.

      So, not as bad as we expected in general 😉

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      Thanks Angie. It is to early for the union jack mob to expose their pale skin. On the other hand between the two i.e. the union jack or Russians. I rather live with the devil that I know …..

      In so far deal goes. I think you will find that it superficial. When you sit down with some one to do a serious side. You will struggle.

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      The deals offered shakeel (ie offers less than current asking prices) were from the agents’ mouths and since those agents we visited or looked at were mainly empty we took it that they would like more business asap since they have overheads to maintain.

      Every cup of coffee we drank in Spain was inexpensive as were the cakes, the dearest was in La Canada, but all tasted very good as usual. We also find coffee pretty uniform in quality in Europe anyway especially the Med. countries.

      A bottle of reasonable wine was not much more than the duty on a bottle in the UK, example Pata Negra 2005 Tempranillo at 3 euros in Mercadona and El Corte Inglese whereas duty in the UK £2 per bottle with the same wine selling for £9+, in rip-off Britain.

      Spanish family on flight home, the husband had a Serrano Jamon Leg over his shoulder and told me it cost 23 euros in Malaga market but 100 euros in the Airport, will try that next time 😉

      It’s not all on the plus side though, a few downsides still 🙄

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      I’m amazed you haven’t listed the downsides yet, Angie! I was planning to pop down to Madrid in a couple of weeks, but your feedback is making me consider Malaga!

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      Happy to oblige you if you wish 😆

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