A detail that disfigures Spanish towns and cities

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    This is something that really bugs me.

    All over Spain, you will find buildings in towns and cities that haven’t been finished properly. It really harms the urban landscape.

    The dividing wall is given a ‘temporary’ brick finish, as if another building is expected alongside in future. But nothing is ever built there, and it just looks crap, as you can see from the photos below.

    The photos below were taken within a couple of blocks from my house in Barcelona. The first examples I stumbled upon, and far from the worst. You will find these eyesores all over Barcelona, even on prime streets like Rambla Catalunya, even Paseo de Gracia, not to mention Diagonal.

    It’s a sure sign of doing things on the cheap, and bad urban planning. You don’t see it much in other developed countries, certainly not places like Switzerland. Never noticed it in London either.

    I don’t even know what the correct terminology is for this problem, or for the wall I’m talking about. Any architects out there who can shed some light on this?

    Rant over. Am I the only person bothered by this? Has anyone else ever noticed it?


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    Yes, Mark they are an eye sore. I dont ant to add a rant. Here are the obvious reasons.

    a) Economy, i.e. cost of construction.

    b) Bureaucracy, delays & its cost. ( specially if one is Catalan know for their generosity !!!! )

    c) Lack of sensitivity to surrounding/ambiance.

    d) Pasa nada.

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    It bugs me too, many here are sprayed in foam, it looks really bad.

    And then there are all the derelict properties, so many would be just lovely if fixed up. But they are just left until they fall down, or demolished for a hideous replacement.

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    At least all those in the photos are decent brickwork , as El Anciano says all you get here is sprayed foam !

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    In the nearby town of Turre, a supermarket opened about 12 years ago, the downstairs of a three-storey building which still hasn’t been finished. The town hall told me that they ‘had written a letter’ to the owner.

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