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      Austrian Socialist Euro MP, Herbert Bösch, is calling for all European aid to be blocked to the Valencia region until they resolve the ‘town planning abuse’, and he has also launched a message advising people not to make any sort of investment in the region.

      Already the Constructors’ Association in the Valencia region has dismissed the calls for the moratorium, saying that more building should be taking place to reactivate the economy in Valencia, and underlining what they consider to be the independence of the Valencian regional parliament.

      Well who do they expect to buy these properties when people now know the councils can just grab it back when they feel like it without any compensation, and actually ask for contributions towards infrastructure?

      Spanish Euro MP for the Partido Popular, José Manuel García Margallo, has commented that he feels sorry for those affected, but ‘the European Union has no responsibility for town planning and these are questions which have to be resolved in Spain’.

      Maybe the EU doesn’t have the responsibility for Spain’s town planning. But they do have a responsibility to help uphold people’s human rights, something which Spain is riding roughshod over with its land grab abuse.

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      I think it a disgrace that the european union will not step in and sort out this land grab problem once and for all!
      The E.U have a lot of power and when you are giving money to countries
      then I am sure if you tell them…not threaten them but tell them that the money/funding will be withdrawn if they do not sort out the problems of basically ripping off the people of their land /property then that funding will be withdrawn.
      After all the E.U control everything including their rules on the specified shape that a bananna should be so they should do their job and intervene
      where needed. This btalk that they have no responsibility over planning and so on…. that is rubbish, sort out the problems or withdraw the funding!

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      But Betty, it’s less hassle for them to pass rules on the shape/size of a bannana etc. than sort out the land grab issues. That’s too much like hard work! 🙄

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      The stance of Spain: Spanish laws on town planning decisions are their business, for Spain alone.

      The should-be stance of the EU: Not when you steal people’s legally-owned property. This encroaches on people’s basic human rights which makes it the EU’s business. Respect these rights or no more funding until you do.

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      Sorry to be going on about this but it makes me so MAD!!
      The E.u sit in their offices in Brussles and decide they do not want to get involved in the outrages that are happening to people in Spain, it is a disgrace! and after all it is us the people that elect these E.U officials and delegates to office in the first place.
      The E.u are the first ones to impose fines if the Irish or British fisherman are over their quota, they fine them and if the carbon omissions of a country are over the quota that country is penalised and fined…..but no!
      they do not want to get involved when people are being robbed of their properties/land in Spain.
      I mailed our (Irish) E.U representative some time ago to tell him of the
      situation in Spain and guess what? he already knew, I just got a curtesy mail back thanking me for contacting the office. It is correct what Claire says…they just do not want to get involved, it is easier to ignore it.
      I am one of the Lucky ones, I did get my money back Thank God but I still have the intrest of my fellow forum members at heart and so I get so mad at the injustice of this. The E.U should be forced to get involved by the goverments of our countries.

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