48pc of population and 45pc of GDP on the Spanish Coast

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      Mark Stücklin

      As much as anything this is for my own records.

      According to Govt. stats quoted by Rafael Catala, Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, in support of the ‘Corredor Mediterráneo’ public transport project, the Spanish coast is home to 48pc of the population and 45pc of Spanish GDP. Demand for housing on the coast is not just holiday homes.

      Public transport priorities have been odd in recent years. Along with ghost airports, you can go from Madrid to Albecete on an AVE fast train, but not from Barcelona to Valencia.

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      The stats make sense when you consider that cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao are on the coast, and that much of the land away from the coast is empty meseta. I guess most of the immediate demand for the AVE came from Madrid, and it might also be a lot easier to build on the meseta than along the coast. However the link between Valencia and Barcelona is being built I believe, it’s just taking longer. I think the ghost airports were a result of local governments going mad/corrupt whereas the AVE is a central government project?

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