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      I am hoping to build 4 apartments inland, each will have it’s own cool and well lit, secure parking, remote control exit/entry door, a Bank Guarantee, a 10 year construction Guarantee + title insurance in place, more than happy to personalize each apartment to buyers individual needs/wants,
      I am hoping to build these this year, how do I discuss with Mark the potential inclusion in his Boutique developers list? How do I best publiscise them?
      Thank you for reading this message.

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      Suggest you PM Mark 🙄
      Also suggest that you don’t write your own marketing literature 😉

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      If you can provide all that you claim you going to do with the propsed project of yours.

      I will be very worried to buy from you. if you lack the intelligence to know how to contact Mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Thanks for the advice hillybilly, do you have other suggestions regarding marketing literature for me?
      How do I contact Mark via PM?

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      Hi Goodguy

      To contact Mark click te link below – this takes you to his details page. You then click send private message


      With regards to publicity and marketing material I sugest some of the following

      1. Think about the customer. Put yourself in their shoes. If it is inland what is your potential market? ie wo will buy it?
      2. What are the main features of the location, apartments etc. Make a list of the key features. Keep it to aout 6-10 and make sure you are only offering what can be delivered.
      3. Turn these features into benefits for the buyer. You do this by using the “Which means that” . ie a cool secure parking with remote control access – which means that you dont have to get out of your car to enter, which gives additional security on dark nights, means you remain comfortable wen getting out of your air conditioned car right up till you enter your door and turn on the AC in your apartment.

      As an example only but you get the drift.

      Also keep asking the question “So waht” because the client will, until a statement comes out that makes it appealing for the client.

      But if you are asking these types of questions aout marketing it you have a lot of work to do. I would seriously sugest you contact a professional (and Idont mean an estate agent I mean a professional marketing company).

      There is also a rule of thumb when writing sales and marketing literature which 99% of compaies ignore

      Every time you use the first person (I, We, our etc) you should use the second person (You, Yours etc) 5 times.

      The reason is if you follow that rule you will have customer specific brochures which appeal to the customer.

      Ask yourself also

      Wy would YOU buy one of your apartments?

      If you cant answer that stop building before you go bust

      If you can answer that then what makes your place so unique that would make it appealing

      Better still if you want your marketing literature to REALLY hit home

      why not ask potential clients wat they think. Send out an email to friends and family, business colleagues, anyone you know (and even dont) and aks the question

      If you were buying an apartment in Spain, Wat would be important to you and why

      And the marketing material will write itself (or the people who would buy it will write it for you)

      Then the most important piece of marketing literature is a website. Get a good, well designed simple to use website which gives specifics about the property. Guide people as much as possible using the website (te buying process, what your terms and conditions are etc)

      Then get someone to market your website through the search engines

      Place some adwords on Google adwords and Yahoo marketing. Again get professional help to design a snappy ad for google and yahoo,

      Get a banner ad made up. Sign up some affiliates (liek agents but just asically send you clients or even just clicks to your website). These can cost you a few cents per click to a commission per confirmed sale (you can fix this as a percentage or as a fixed rate)

      Or you can get them to send you prospective clients for a cost per qualified lead (and you will have to think about the actual qualification of this)

      Next get a lead generation page made p and capture prospects detials, fancy websites are one thng (and dont go down that road – people appreciate simplicity and ease of use) but if you dont gve people a chance to sign up then you lose them.

      Offer them something for free – free is the currency of the Internet. If you write a report of the area, put together your marketing brochure and make it a pdf file, and give them information about what to expect when buying there (ie a guide to the process) and offer it as a freebie if they leave their contacts details then you will get more willing participants.

      Put your properties on various websites. Most make a small charge

      Advertise in publications in the local area – dont know which area you are looking at building but find out the local Englsih and Spanish periodicals (dont exclude Spanish as they are the largest proportion of the market – if you dont speak Spanish hire someone who does)

      But the important thing is think from a customers perspective. What do tey want. Do some research and you will probably find (providing you price it right) tat you dont actually have to make marketing material as it will sell itself.

      I once had to sell a small development of 6 apartments ad started by asking the locals what they would like from it (the guy I worked for at the time was co funding it), as well as potential clients. The replies were fairly straightofroward buut a lot of what they asked for was missing in Spanish Builds (ggood quality kitchens, air conditioning installed and ready to go, central heating installed, energy efficient, insulation etc etc) bugger me by the time we started writnng the sales brochure they had all sold. Why? Because they were slightly redesigned to give the customer exactly what they asked for – and some of those very people we aksed bought (mainly because they said if you were to build it like that at this price I would buy one) and they did.

      Just keep that customer in mind.

      Hope this helps, but in seriousness I think you would be better of seeking professional help from a professional marketer – they may cost a bit of money (a lot less than an estate agent mind) but the net result is worth it.

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      When all else fails just advertise on here for free, you made a good start 🙄

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