3 bedroom flat for 26,000 euros

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      We live in Cuevas del Almanzora, a small typically spanish town about ten minutes away from the beaches of Villaricos, towns of Vera, Garrucha and also close to Mojacar and Desert Springs Golf Resort.

      In our older style block there are various flats for sale. All 3 bedrooms and solidly built as not thrown up in the ‘boom’. There are various empty flats due to repos by the banks and others who are owned by oldies in the town who are now living with their children in their old age. Therefore…there are various flats for sale and we’d like nice new neighbours! It’s a good block so come and have a look!!




      Some need a bit of a refurb but at the moment prices are good for an Ikea kitchen and a new bathroom and a lick of paint. The build quality is good and i’ve seen new builds which are looking terrible after only 5 years.

      What is the number one importance is that it’s the best street in town, location, location, location as they say. Check it out on a map or visit Cuevas del Almanzora. It’s a wide street with views of the historical church and all the processions (Easter, carnival, fiesta etc.) pass by.

      The top floor has a flat for 26,000 euros (see link above) and the next door flat is up for nearly 34,000 so you could buy both and get a 160 sq metre 6 bedroom property with panoramic views of the town, reservoir and moutains (maybe out to the sea in the distance…) for 60k!!!!!

      There are other properties where I know the neighbours are looking at around 50,000 euros. I’m not doing this as an estate agent but as someone who would like our block to have nice people in who share our values.

      An idea I had was for the flats for sale (there are 20 and there are only 3 families who aren’t for sale or repos….) could be brought together and used as a residential home for older people? It’s got a lift, is in a safe and good location, close to a shop, physio, church etc. and part of a community. Other older people here go off to live with the nuns and hand their cortijos and land to the church whilst they still receive the 400 euros per month for carer for a few hours a day. That money could be income for the owner plus a rental charge as well. Just an idea?

      Thanks for your time reading this. I thought that being pro-active might help us not be so lonely in an empty block which have owners such as ‘Banesto’, Banco de Andalucia etc. listed on the community letters.

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