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      There are just over 24 hours to go before I close the petition.

      Please, if you haven’t signed yet, do so as soon as possible. The petition needs to reach David Lidington this week. It will be sent directly from the web followed by a paper copy.

      A big thank you to those who’ve lent their support. Let’s hope that the present UK government, through David Lidington, will take notice of our concerns and act accordingly. He needs to know that now is not the time to be promoting Spanish property, but it is the time for Spain to clean up its act so that property can be bought and sold in Spain without fear or favour. How else to build up trust within the European Community? How else to promote trade? How else to build a strong economy?

      Mr. Lidington could begin by concentrating on 2 elements, suggesting to his Spanish counterparts that they:
      a) Tighten Law 57/1968 to ensure that bank guarantees are issued, honoured and enforced.
      b) Set up fast-track courts to deal solely with property issues thereby tackling the backlog of cases and ensuring that this kind of thing never happens again.

      As I write there are 998 signatures on the petition. Once again – thanks to all of you who signed.


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      1098 signatures and counting!

      Today we have seen a rush of people wanting to sign the petition – over 100 as I write. As a result I have had a rethink as to the best way forward.

      We do not know as yet when the Spanish Property Road Show will be back in the UK – only that it will be some time in June. I am not required by GoPetition, the hosts, to close the petition tonight, but I do want to send it to David Lidington as soon as possible. I want to give him time to look at it and to digest what we are all saying so that he can confront his counterpart Ministers and officials in Spain and seriously challenge them before any further property promoting shows take place. At the same time, I don’t want to lose any support by chopping the petition off too soon.

      So, tomorrow, I will print off all the signatures and comments we have collected thus far and send them to David Lidington. But the web-petition will stay open. Once we know when the next Road Show will be held I will print off those remaining signatures and comments which will have come in after tomorrow and, again, send them to David Lidington. They would then act as a prompt to him and will let him know that we expect him to do the job he was appointed to do – a job he was elected to do on our behalf.

      I will keep you all informed as to any responses/reports of progress I receive at any stage.


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