20 house demolition orders issued in Mijas

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    The refusal of people to demolish their illegal homes in Mijas is leading some of them to see their assets embargoed.

    As “most of the demolition orders have been issued against rural properties, often handed down in inheritance” it will be many Spanish affected.


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    what a crazy world. meanwhile there are legally binding contracts forcing the completion of the buildings to some 250,000 new spanish properties this year which have ZERO chance of being sold. They reckon spain will bethe world leader in surplus property by the end of the property crash, with 2 million surplus homes.

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    This is the madness of Spain.
    Judges forcing people to complete on illegal properties, and local councils forcing people to demolish their illegal properties.

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    As you say Charlie it is absolute madness and just shows up the archaic and unjoined up system of law in Spain

    As far as I am aware this couldn’t happen in the UK because under the laws of contract any contract for an illegal purpose is unenforceable. Anyone who thinks that Spain’s legal and judicial system is fair and on par with the UK’s should think again


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