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      We are thinking of moving to Spain.  Probably in the Murcia area.  We will need to earn some money so we are thinking of buying 2 properties.  One on the coast for renting out and one further in land for us to live.  Can we have some advice please on if this is sensible or not or if it would be better to buy 1 large property which could cost the same as 2 smaller ones.  We would like to choose where we want to live without having to consider what would be a good rental property.  We would manage the rental property ourselves.

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      Mark Stücklin

      First of all, why the Murcia area? There are some lovely parts of Murcia, but the airport access still isn’t great, and you will find more demand for rentals year round further north in Alicante.

      If you can afford to buy the property you want to live in and, another one to rent out then great. But if buying two means your main home budget is limited, forcing you to compromise on size or location, then is it worth it?

      If the rental property income will be important to your finances, then you need to be very sure of the expected rental income (high/mid/low season rental prices and occupancy rates). Do a lot of research on that question.

      Good luck, and let me know how you get on.

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