168 half price homes on coast

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      SPI News

      Casaktua has launched an offer of 168 homes on the Spanish coast with 50% discounts.

      After seeing an average fall in price of 38% since peak levels coastal housing is becoming more and more affordable and it is in this climate of big price cuts that Casaktua has announced its aggressive offer of ‘half price housing’.

      The majority of these homes are less than a kilometre from the beach and their average specification is a price of 52,600 euros, 2 bedrooms and a built size of 76m2. The cost per m2 works out as 692 euros, far below the average of 1,519 euros. (Average price/m2 according to Q1 2013 data from the Ministry of Public Works)

      The largest number of homes included in the promotion are located in Andalucia (61) with the Valencian Region second (51) and also significant numbers in Catalunya (20) and the Canary Islands (18).

      As Casaktua is selling properties owned by financial institutions there are good financing options in place for buyers of up to 100% mortgages payable in a maximum period of 30 years.

      House prices on the Spanish coasts are getting cheaper with large discounts now available

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      This is a mirage. I have not come across any one who has actually bought any of the so called bank properties.
      Has any one on the forum has come across a buyer ?

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      I know of a bank that has sold hundreds, if not thousands, of cheap repos in the last couple of years. Brits were the biggest group of buyers.

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      You know a Bank that sold …… I also know many Banks who are claim to be selling. I want to know if any one
      knows a buyer a person not working or related to a Bank staff.

      Incidently, what Bank is it and do have a non 902 telephone number ?.

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