13,000 apartments unsold

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    According to diariosur developers in andalucía have 13,000 apartments still unsold. They will take years to clear 😯

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Hi Katy, are you sure the figure is 13.000? seems quite low for all andalucia.

    If the figure is accurate, that was the amount of new builds sold in the first 3 months of 2010 in andalucia (approx).

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    That figure is laughable. I can think of a few small areas where there are way more than that in each one. At a guess I’d put the figure for Andalucia alone at somewhere between 100k & 200k.

    Would these be the same developers who proudly announced two years ago that house prices had bottomed?

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    I thought the figure was high just for andalucía 🙂 Haven’t read the whole report as I am busy.


    According to this they have only sold 200!

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    appears they were promoting 13.000 properties (out of the total).

    If I remember correctly 2 years ago there were approx. 45.000 new unsold properties in the province of Malaga.

    I would assume in all of andalucia for the figure to stand now at 150.000 (finish/unfinished).

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    My memory must be failing this morning 😆

    It’s all these reports that property is now selling like hotcakes….I am starting to believe all the hype on here 😉

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    Now in the bad old days katy, some of the notorious agents (now in Thailand etc) would buy these up and put an extortionate mark-up on them, dupe masses of Brits with (you cannot lose) and celebrate their high commissions swigging bubbly in Banus, having well and truly shafted their countrymen. 👿

    IMO, I’d say the figure of unsold new-build in Andalucia was higher than 150,000 still, then of course there’s all the re-sales. 8)

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