110pc mortgages are back

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      What do all you learned folks think of this?

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      Would be interested to see the small print…maybe there is a catch somewhere 😐

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      more than likely the developers is having troubles repaying their debt with the bank, so have been able to sell the properties ‘at cost’ (or at least at a price that covers the debt!!).

      But the criteria will be quite stringent to get full financing. Also it appears that the 3.980€ is exactly 2%. probably the commission on the 199k property.

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      well, firstly it’s not Marbella!!!; it’s Estepona up in the hills behind cancelada and next to the 6 star badly located Villa Padierna hotel…… 50% off the high prices of three years ago is still expensive – I would study the mortgage offer; better still make a separate offer below their asking price and arrange your own “frills free” mortgage 🙂

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      Chris M

      What is a company in Sheffield doing making all this noise and these promises and stating such facts?

      People have enough concerns about local Spanish agents here, why would you want to talk to buy over the phone from somebody in Sheffield?

      But hey,,, members of both the AIPP and got an award from OPP both organisations founded by the same people and really…

      No, it worries me that people get so easily sucked into this kind of deal really, perhaps it has a lot to offer but, what alternatives are also going to be presented as available for comparison?

      And who shows you the property? Do this company also have their own office and staff in Spain, if not who will be accountable in the future if things are not quite what they seem today?

      We sell some few properties within this kind of package, am very wary of some of the messages though. And it really, really has to be the right thing for the right person to buy.

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