Data analysis of foreign demand for property in Spain broken down by nationality. How many NON-Spaniards buy homes in Spain each year, where do they come from, are they resident or non-resident, what is their share of the market, and how much do they spend?

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This data page is all about foreign demand and markets for residential real estate / property in Spain. Using quarterly, half-yearly and annual data from the notaries and registrars the tables and charts will answer the following questions:

  • How many non-Spaniards buy property every quarter, half-year and year?
  • How does foreign demand for homes in Spain breakdown by nationality?
  • Which foreign markets for Spanish property are growing, and which are declining?
  • To what degree have the amount of buyers increased or declined by nationality since 2013, when the Spanish property market started recovering? This table and chart are presented as an index.
  • What share of the overall foreign market and the market for second-homes in Spain does each nationality command?
  • What percentage of properties bought by each nationality are purchased as second-homes or investments? Which markets are more focused on second-homes / investments than others?
  • How much does each nationality spend on property in Spain, in terms of €/m2? Which nationalities spend the most, and which the least?

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Research market data on foreign demand for property in Spain
Research foreign demand for property in Spain