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City asking prices in key regions January 2023

A review of city asking prices in key regions of interest to foreign investors at the start of 2023.

Using data from the property portal Idealista based on asking prices in the company’s listings database here are three key charts that illustrate 1) the average (asking) price of property in the capitals of Spanish regions of most interest to foreign investors, 2) year-on-year price increases / declines in those areas, and 3) how much prices have changed since Januar 2010.

Average asking prices in €/sqm

Asking prices were highest in Ibiza capital (5,274 €/sqm) and lowest in Murcia (1,118 €/sqm).

Annualised change in asking prices

Asking prices rose the most in Marbella (+19.9%) and the last in Girona (+1.7%). 

Index base year 2010

Using a base period of January 2010, asking price have risen the most in Ibiza (+86%) whilst at the other end of the scale they are still 22% lower today in Murcia. In real terms asking prices are lower than they were back in 2010 in all areas bar Ibiza, Marbella and Palma.

Asking price research

This video explains how you can research Spanish asking prices in the datahub, why that information is useful for buyers and sellers, and takes a quick look at the trends in recent months in regions of most interest to foreign investors.

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