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Andalusia’s hot property market means it’s a good time to buy (or sell) property!

Lawyer Raymundo Larraín briefs us on Spain’s ongoing property bull market.

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Lawyer – Abogado
8th of October 2021

Plain and simple, now is the right time to buy (or sell) in Andalusia, period.

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2021 was poised to be one of the worst years on record in Spanish real estate sales. The virus’ financial aftermath proved devastating, nothing seemed to withstand its relentless wake.

And that’s when – least expected of all – politicians stepped in saving the day.

Andalusia’s regional government took the bull by its horns and approved in April of this year a taxpayer’s aggressive relief package to combat the adverse consequences brought about by Covid-19. These included, amongst many others, drastic tax cuts on buying property, both off-plan and resale.

We published a detailed article in SPI:  Andalusia lowers taxes including Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty in move that will boost the market – 28th April 2021

Little did we know at the time of publishing it that it would give way to one of the best performing years on real estate sales ever.

Six months later, we have witnessed one of the strongest bull markets to date in the Spanish real estate market. We have published several articles during this time to reflect this:

Spain’s National Bureau of Statistics (INE) published in August the hard figures on this bull market. INE reports a record-breaking 267,700 properties sold during the first 6 months of this year. We need to look back 13 years, all the way back to Spain’s property boom heyday, to see such strong sale figures.

You can see it in a graph here: House sales in Spain in 2021 (first six months of 2021)

In June ’21 alone, over 48,000 properties were sold, which is an 73.5% interannual increase. This is hands down the best performing June in real estate history. This confirms the unabated trend that we are witnessing the best sale figures in real estate in over 13 years. The property market has been nothing short of spectacular from March of this year.

There are several underlying factors that help to explain this spectacular property rebound (huge liquidity, new covid-induced consumer trends, drastic property tax cuts, ultra-low interest rates, sharp inflation spike, underperformance of bonds and other financial assets, etc) which we’ve collated in the above-mentioned articles. But to avoid beating about the bush, hands down it is the spectacular tax breaks now in place in Andalusia which have fostered the bull market we are in.

Even El Mundo (newspaper daily) reports how the buying frenzy is slashing the available stock of real estate in large cities in Spain.

Long story short, if you were ever expecting someone to tip you off when was the right time to buy real estate again in Andalusia, the time is now. If you’re thinking of buying (or selling) property in Andalusia, you should most certainly take advantage of the ultra-lenient tax breaks this regional government has on offer (for a limited time only):

  • Off Plan: 20% discount on Stamp Duty Tax
  • Resale: tax savings ranging from 12.5% to 30% (or more) on Property Transfer Tax, hinging on the sales price

Of particular interest are the tax cuts in resale property. The gist is that the higher the sales price, the more tax a buyer stands to save.

With numbers:

  • On a €500,000 sale price, the tax savings are 15%.
  • On a €3,000,000 sale price, the tax savings are 27%, and so forth.

In short, simply spectacular for high-end property. This has prompted a tidal wave of villa sales, the press reports 573 villas are selling a day in Spain! This is the highest figure on record since 2007, in the midst of Spain’s property boom.

As El Pais (newspaper daily) reports in August ’21, the capital appreciation of real estate in coastal areas has surged by 8.4% in 2021, as compiled by property surveyor TINSA (Spain’s largest surveyor). We hadn’t seen such capital appreciation figures since the early 2000’s.

Spanish financial newspaper The Economist reports today how some property hotspots in Spain have increased the asking price by over 20% year-on-year, particularly in coastal areas.

Undeniably, there is an upwards sales trend in Spain going on since March, but it is more prominent in coastal areas.

Bottom line, now is as good time as any to invest in real estate in Andalusia and take advantage of its time-gated tax breaks. In plain English, we’ve never had such low taxes on buying property in Andalusia – ever. ’Nuff said!

This is of particular interest to some fellow European investors, such as Dutch, who now face negative interest rates on their bank deposits (that is, you need to pay the bank to deposit your money)!  Ha ha ha. Excuse me, cheeky buggers!

It’s booming y’all! Are you gonna miss out?

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