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Christmas tree inflation skyrockets, at least in my experience

Christmas tree alley

I paid 50% more for a Christmas tree this year, when I was expecting a coronavirus bargain. Typical 2020.

Every year I buy a 2.30m Christmas tree two weekends before the big day from Flores Navarro in Barcelona, and I keep a record of what it cost. Some people are just like that.

In 2018 I paid €65, and 2019 €60, always with a bit of negotiation. This year I walked away with a nice tree that cost me €90, negotiated down from €100, with no delivery or removal service.

Admittedly, I was in a hurry, which never puts you in a strong negotiating position. I had to get back home for an online interview with my son’s tutor, which I managed without a minute to spare, out of breath after dragging the tree back home, and sweating like a chicken, as they say in Spain. Even so, the asking price was significantly higher than in recent years.

There I was expecting a discount, assuming everyone will be bargaining harder this year, so I was rather miffed to end up spending more than ever. 

I was also expecting to see bargains in the housing market by now, but I haven’t yet seen much evidence of that either. Maybe the Christmas tree and housing market are correlated in some way.

My sister in Wiltshire tells me she paid just £19.99 for her tree yesterday, though it was smaller than mine, and a bit on the wonky side. But even when she lived in London she only used to pay £50 to £60, she says

So no bargains in the Christmas tree department this year, for reasons I can’t fathom. Or maybe they just saw me coming.

2017, after Christmas. Never seen that before.

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