Dirt-cheap homes for sale as Spanish region struggling with depopulation tries to attract newcomers

Iguëña castile leon rural spain cheap homes for sale

Igüeña in Castile & Leon is trying to attract newcomers with cheap homes for sale

In the picturesque and green northwest corner of Spain, the village and municipality of Igüeña is trying to attract new residents with house prices as low as 3,800 euro.

The population of the Spanish interior is aging and thinning out fast as the young head for jobs and opportunities in big cities, leaving the spacious countryside and villages to a dwindling number of older people. It’s a slow-motion downward spiral that is slowly strangling life out of the Spanish interior, as services and opportunities for young people and families collapse with their declining numbers, prompting more to leave.

Not all the municipalities of the interior are taking this decline lying down. The Municipality of Igüeña, in the county of El Bierzo, part of the autonomous region of Castile & León, has been offering homes at almost giveaway prices to attract new residents and second-home owners, and not without some success.

The local authority has managed to sell 100 out of 130 homes for less than 5,000 euro each to outsiders on an empty housing project in the village of Tremor de Arriba, built in the 1960s for miners and their families that was left deserted when the mine closed. The local population was 3,000 in the 1970s, but now stands at 320 residents.

It’s an attractive region but very isolated, a four hour drive from Madrid’s airport, though there may be flights to closer regional airports. But some people seek isolation, now potentially more than ever as the disease makes a virtue of social distancing and self-isolation.

The Spanish press reports there are still some homes for sale from the local authority with prices below €5,000 for a 3-bed apartment. In the comments section to one article it said there were very few left, but you never know.For more information contact the townhall of Igüeña on tel +34 98 751 9507.

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