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Do you need a home energy efficiency certificate to sell a Spanish holiday-home?

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Holiday home in Soller, Mallorca

Most Spanish homes need a valid energy efficiency certificate in order to be bought or rented out, but some get a free pass. Which ones?

The Royal Decree 235/2013 that made energy certificates obligatory in sales and rental processes also defined the scenarios when it was not necessary, namely:

  • Listed buildings with architectural or historic value
  • Religious buildings
  • Provisional buildings with a lifespan of two years or less
  • Industrial, military and agricultural buildings with low energy consumption
  • Detached properties with a useable surface area of 50m2 or less
  • Buildings purchased to renovate or demolish
  • Homes that are occupied for less than four months per year with an energy consumption of 25% or less than normal

The last case is potentially relevant to Spanish holiday and second homes, even if they are rented out for part of the year. If the overall occupancy rate is four months or less, and the energy consumption can be shown to be 25% or less than a benchmark consumption rate for 12 months, then an energy certificate might not be necessary.

So, if you have a second-home in Spain that you use for less than four months a year keep a good record of your energy consumption and utility bills. The information could come in handy when the time comes to sell.

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  • Thank you Mark,

    Just as important is the Certificate of First Occupation. I own an apartment in an old (1964) building when I understand these certs were not issued. Problem is regarding if I want to sell, and also it needs this to get a Tourism Licence, without which websites will not accept advertising!


  • To try to put a few minds at rest, to get such a Certification is quite easy and shouldn’t cost more than 120 euros. if you put “certificacion energetica” plus your locality into a search engine you should find several to choose from. Furthermore, in those cases where it is required by by law to have such a certificate – which actually runs to several pages – you will almost invariably find that it is the property itself which either attracts, or doesn’t appeal to, potential buyers. If they’re interested, even a poor energy rating is very unlikely to put them off.

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