It only takes one…

Frustrated by selling your home in Spain?  You only need one person to buy, and the key is finding ‘the one’!

It can be a frustrating process selling in Spain – the market is improving but with so many properties for sale, it can feel like a thankless task at times.

The prospect of selling privately can feel even more daunting but the reality is that many buyers are now searching for properties that are “direct from owner”.

At Creative Property Marketing we are not estate agents, we are a specialist advertising agency focusing on property, having been involved with property sales since 1986.  The different approach we bring to selling Spanish property is we reach a global audience of potential buyers via a wide range of websites attracting buyers from across the world.

As the property market in Spain shows signs of improving, expectations can rise too!  It is easy to hope for lots of enquiries and viewings, but the reality is that patience is often the most precious virtue for sellers in Spain.

We have seen a number of recent examples of how finding “the one” is just about getting your house “out there”.  Also, the person who buys your home may not simply be the ‘right one,’ they may be the ‘only one’!

1. Selling a village house can sometimes feel like torture as there are so many properties for sale, however, if you can display a “point of difference”, your chances improve immediately. A charming townhouse came onto the market in November of last year – beautifully presented but it also with a swimming pool, which is a rarity.  The very first buyer (British) to walk through the front door in January, made an offer of the full asking price and the sale is progressing to completion.

2.  A lovely detached country home for sale in Casarabonela, Malaga which had struggled to get interest with no enquiries during the first 9 months of advertising suddenly gets an enquiry from a Swiss couple. The enquiry was received in German but was replied to as normal and it turns out that the couple are Swiss/Spanish and her parents live in Casarabonela!  They viewed the property and have agreed to buy. The paperwork is perfect and the couple are processing their mortgage at the moment.

3.  Not every enquiry that a seller receives, on first inspection, fills them with hope. An enquiry from New Zealand may not seem great but the owners of a country cottage close to Ronda, Malaga, replied to the enquiry and after 7 months of email communication, they arrived from nearly 20,000 miles away to view.  The New Zealanders loved what they saw and have just been to the notary to sign for their new home in a different continent, let alone a different country.  One enquiry from New Zealand and the house is sold!

4.  Over the last year or two, we have seen an increasingly regular flow of enquiries from the USA, South America and Canada, especially with the Golden Visa scheme in mind. Last year, an enquiry came in from a Canadian family looking to relocate full time to Spain and they wanted a farm they could call home. The owners of a charming Eco farm in Almogia, Malaga entered into correspondence with the Canadians who, some 4 months later, arrived in Spain.  This was our first ever Canadian viewing and it turned into a sale!  Once again, the family liked what they saw, they made an offer of the full asking price, and some weeks later completed the sale.  The owners had been trying to sell with agents for the previous 2 years, and saved themselves somewhere in the region of €50,000 by selling privately.

Selling privately to ‘the one’ is a very realistic prospect.  The market is getting busier and whilst nobody can promise to sell every house, the key to selling is getting seen, using a broad range of advertising to reach all corners of the world.

You just never know if the next enquiry will be your perfect buyer!

Selling privately can cost you as little as €300 for 12 months advertising, so you have little to lose by giving your property global exposure.

Remember, it only takes one… 

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