Spain dominates international property search from the UK

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The international property portal Rightmove reveals that Spain is the number one destination by far for UK-based house-hunters looking to buy abroad.

Rightmove is one of the biggest property portals in the world, and the market leader in the UK by a wide margin, with a huge database of property listings both in the UK and abroad. Analysing data collected from millions of searches at its website each month, Rightmove reveal that Spain is the number one European destination for UK-based house-hunters looking to relocate or buy a holiday home abroad.

Rightmove records more than two and a half million Spanish property searches made from the UK each month. To put that in perspective, searches for property in Spain are 70% more numerous than searches for the second most popular European destination France. Spain is the number one target destination by far.

“A closer look at a year’s worth of property search data from the largest cities shows consistent interest in Spain right across the UK,” explain Rightmove. “It is the number one sunny destination for Britons from Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.”

It seems that the dream of owning a property in Spain is strongest in Scotland. “Spain is most popular with sun-starved Scots, more than 54% of searches for property in Spain come from Glasgow, a close second being Liverpool with the second highest number of searches, at almost 50%,” say rightmove, who have created the following infographic to summarise their research.

International property search from the UK, Spain number one holiday-home and second-home destination in the sun

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