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SIMA Pro 2017. Panel discussion Spanish second-home market & Brexit. Left to right Consuelo Villanueva, Mark Stücklin, Ángeles Serna, Marc Pritchard
SIMA Pro 2017. Panel discussion of industry insiders moderated by Mark Stücklin

A new feature of this website will make it easier for industry insiders to share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of readers of Spanish Property Insight.

I’ve been writing about the Spanish property market through thick and thin for the best part of the last fifteen years. I’ve also tried to cover as many other topics related to real estate in Spain as I can, but there’s a limit as to how much one person can know and write about. I tend to stick to market analysis looking at the big picture using data for the whole of Spain, as I don’t have the time, data, or expertise to do a good job on local markets and segments.

This has always been a bit frustrating, because I realise my readers need more information than I can produce, yet Spanish Property Insight is one of the few websites in English where you can find information on many different aspects of buying, owning, and selling property in Spain. So if you can’t find the information you need here, you will probably struggle to find it elsewhere, in English at least.

So the time has come to invite industry insiders to share their knowledge and expertise in articles published here at SPI. Property professionals like estate agents, buying agents, lawyers, and mortgage brokers know more about their markets and subjects than I do, so it makes sense to let them share their knowledge with my readers. Doing so will also, I hope, give me more time to tackle subjects that nobody is looking at, and which I think would be of interest to some of my readers, for example the ways in which Government policy helps or hinders the market.

Industry insider articles at SPI are not a totally new thing. Lawyer Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt has been publishing brilliant legal and financial articles here for the last six years that have attracted a huge amount of interest and comments from readers, and foreign currency exchange brokers Torfx have published a weekly analysis of the Pound Euro exchange rate so relevant to British buyers and sellers. Needless to say, I could never write with their authority on these subjects.

The big change is that, from now on, there will be more articles by industry insiders published here to increase the scope of information relevant to readers looking for information in English on every aspect of buying, owning, and selling property in Spain. These articles will be published together with SPI articles, though they are also easy to separate by choosing the ‘Industry Insider’ tab on the Spanish property news and articles page. In the same way, anyone who only wants to read my blog or SPI news only has to choose the SPI Articles tab to see SPI as it has always been.

Over time I hope to publish articles from property professionals and industry insiders from all over Spain, providing insight into local markets and subjects I’ve never had the time or knowledge to cover. I will, however, maintain editorial control to make sure all articles are educational and informative, not just sales pitches.

I will also try to make sure that only deserving companies and professionals in the Spanish property business get to publish articles here, as I have no wish to give the undeserving a boost to their reputations. The only industry insiders you will read articles by here are the ones I think can be trusted to do a good job based on my years of experience reporting on this business. If a company or person consistently fails to do a good job, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

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