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Junk mail reflects return of property sector

Today’s junk mail

After almost a decade of decimation, the Spanish property sector is growing again, and it’s showing up in my letter box.

New figures from the Spanish Association of Land Registrars reveal that one in five new companies started in Spain are now in the property sector, with construction startups rising to 13% of all new companies, and estate agents up to 8%.

For about eight years the sector went through record levels of business failure and little startup activity, so this is quite a turnaround for the sector.

I’m not surprised by these figures, as for several months now my letter box has been filling up with junk mail from real estate agents, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the boom years.

I’m starting to see the return of letters disguised to make you think they are from a private individual / cash-buyer house-hunting in your area, but if you ring it turns out to be an agent. Now that I haven’t seen since about 2008.

Only a few years back I would go a whole year without any leaflets from property companies.

If the junk mail in my letter box is anything to go by, agents are having to work hard to find vendors, at least in my neck of the woods.


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