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UK referendum on EU membership – latest indicators suggest tight race

The latest polls, betting odds, and pound-euro exchange rate suggesting which way the vote might go in the UK’s referendum on EU membership on the 23rd June.

The vote is important for anyone with an interest in Spanish property, as I explain here: UK EU-referendum implications for Spanish property market


An ICM poll on the 5th may put the leave camp ahead 48-43. YouGov poll on 6th June put remain head 43-42.

brexit spanish property market implications
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The latest betting odds from Betfair are unchanged from last week. The remain camp is still the odds on favourite, but the the race is closer than it was, as far as the bookies are concerned. Also check out Oddschecker for more odds.

brexit spanish property market implications


The Pound was up in the week gone by, though still way off recent highs. The pound goes up when the money markets think the remain vote will win, and down when the Brexit camp appears to gain ground.

forex for spanish property purchase or sale
EUR/GBP. Source Yahoo.co.uk


JCB chairman Lord Bamford has written to his company’s 6,500 employees in the UK to explain why he favours a vote to leave the European Union. In the letter he said he was “very confident that we can stand on our own two feet”. (BBC).

Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s finance minister, has ruled out Britain joining the single market if the country votes to leave the EU later this month. (Telegraph).

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