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Spain ranks 3rd in Europe for real estate investors say CBRE

A new report from the international property consultants CBRE ranks Spain third in Europe this year in terms of investor appeal, reports the Spanish press.

cbre-global-vision‘Global Investor Intentions’ – a paper by CBRE released this year at the MIPIM property fair for professionals in Cannes this March – finds that Spain is the third most favoured market in Europe amongst professional investors, behind Germany and the UK.

Based on a survey of big investors in global real estate, CBRE reveal that 17% preferred Germany, 15.1% the UK, and 10.2% Spain, after which came countries like France and the Netherlands.

Looking at European cities, Madrid was number two in the ranking of investor intentions, with 12.2% of respondents saying it was their priority investment target this year, out of a total of 35 cities.

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6 thoughts on “Spain ranks 3rd in Europe for real estate investors say CBRE

  • Spain’s 3rd position will drop if UK votes out of the EU and when people realise sterling has recently fallen 10% against the Euro, the trouble with the CBRE report is that it is out of date already with World/EU problems that can affect investment/buying decisions! Why would professional investors want to invest before the 23rd June, the EU could collapse after a Brexit vote, Greece and other Club Meds are still in dire straits?

  • Finally some one with sense the EU will collapse,if we vote to leave.
    The down side to this is Spain is already a third world country with its corruption and strange property laws and taxes with out some sort of order coming from Brussels this will mean devistation to the property market far worse than the crash of 2008.

  • But if the UK stays…………. ;o)

    Lets try and be a bit more positive.

    The trend is up and the demand for new housing is the “opportunity”. With hardly any development going on for the past 10 years there is huge demand. We focus on Marbella,Estepona, Banus etc…… The problem is the lack of land to buy. There will always be buyers when you build the right product. Time will tell I guess.

  • Just to add the latest to the effects of a Brexit, 53% of French, 53% of Dutch, and the majority of Czechs are also now calling for a referendum like the UK’s. At last, the populous has woken up to the total disaster called the EU, it could collapse like a deck of cards and CBRE reports will mean diddly squat! The Spanish property market might end up in the doldrums for many more years!

  • This is great news regardless if the UK leaves the EU. Spain has survived and pulled through in many areas especially real estate in the South, when many though it impossible. There is still more work needed though, but living here I can tell you that there is a lot more jobs then just last year, tourism is at an all time high, and many are purchasing holiday homes once again. New rental laws recently passed down that protects the owners is one big reason why as well.

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